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Where is Your Project’s Uncertainty?

mark woeppel December 14, 2016 project management

Two Sources of Project Uncertainty Projects, by their nature, are uncertain, but not all uncertainty can be treated the same way. Knowing the where your project’s uncertainty lies will help you pick the right approach to managing your project and delivering the best outcome for your team, your customer and the project owner. Many projects … Continue reading

The Most Important Project Measurement; Looking Foward

mark woeppel May 23, 2016 project management

When your project is in trouble, you must change the way it’s working. Change the behavior of your team. The most important project measurement is not whether it is arriving on time; that train has left the station. To arrive on time, you must stop losing it. To stop losing time, you must change the behavior of your … Continue reading

Five Early Warning Signs of a Troubled Project

mark woeppel May 16, 2016 leadership

Thousands of surveys around the world show that projects are rarely delivered on time, on budget and in scope. Here are the warning signs and what you can do to turn things around. You don’t see it coming until it’s too late. Everything was “green” until it wasn’t. All parts of the project were close … Continue reading