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Here’s the thing: If you’re not achieving the results you want in your projects, your biggest opportunity for recovery is not re-planning, but more effective execution that addresses the real reasons projects are late.

Visualizing your projects solves the root cause of poor execution.

Through visualization, you will know where  each piece of your project stands, allowing your team to focus; improving communication, prioritizing the work more effectively, reducing task durations and improving productivity. By visualizing the work, the things that are most important can be identified by objective observation, not subjective politics. No longer will priorities be set by whoever complains the loudest, but by facts that everyone can see.

On May1, I’ll be releasing my newest book, Visual Project Management: Simplifying Project Execution to Deliver On Time and On Budget. In it, I explain in depth a systematic process to transform your project execution process.

Since it won’t be available for a few weeks, I have a gift to give you a sneak peek at the content. You can download my eBook, Visualizing Projects, for kindle for less than $2.

In Visualizing Projects, you’ll learn practical steps towards improving your results:

  • A step by step process to create a visual project board
  • Why project meetings suck and how to make them productive
  • How to use a visual project board to successfully build collaboration
  • How to create and communicate a priority system that everyone can see and agree on
  • What to do to improve your team’s productivity
  • How to use measurements to get better team performance

So don’t wait! If you’re interested in improving your projects with Visual Project Management, follow the link below today to download your copy of Visualizing Projects and learn how you can improve your project execution today!

Kindle copy from

Kindle copy from

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