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About Us

A Proven Path to Project Success

About Pinnacle Americas

Pinnacle Americas is devoted to improving operational and strategic results. We work with organizations to increase shareholder value by developing high-performance business processesthat significantly enhance productivity, reduce costs and time to market, improve profitability, and accelerate sustainable growth.

Our consultants have expert abilities with credentials to match.  They are carefully selected for your organization’s needs.  Each project is staffed with experienced implementers in their work domain, averaging over 20 years of specific industry experience.  This experience reduces the time to achieve the desired results, reducing risk.

We have demonstrated success in managing change.  When improving performance, results and behavior matter; the technical aspects are seldom the most challenging.  Our consultants have spent years mastering the sensitivity of managing the change process in various cultures while still being true to achieving the desired results.  The transition from the “old ways” to the “new ways” is seamless and sustainable.  At the end of your engagement, your employees and associates will ‘own’ the changes and take pride in the results that they have achieved.

We have deep industry experience.  Our consultants are quickly accepted into your organization because they have industry experience and have “walked the walk”.  This experience allows us to speak your language, which speeds the buy-in of the solutions.

We operate with experienced consultants, and the team’s makeup depends on the client’s environment and project objectives. Typically, I would lead and architect the project, supported by a senior consultant and analyst.

We offer the best practices to achieve desired outcomes, using the Theory of Constraints, Lean, and Six Sigma methodologies and the tools that support them.


About Mark Woeppel

I work with leaders and organizations to improve processes and customer outcomes, create foundations for long-term growth, streamline and automate systems, and performance management systems to enable teams to communicate and work effectively, together.

I’ve worked with many different cultures and company types. My most famous project was on the Gulf Oil Spill Cleanup effort in 2010.

When I’m not helping my clients, you’d likely find me at my computer writing, on my bike or hiking around Tulsa, OK.







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