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To increase output, whether in a disaster or in everyday pressures, you must challenge your assumptions to find solutions.  Usually, the solution is not obvious (otherwise, it would have been implemented, right?), so you have to dig deeper.  Challenging assumptions helps us see where we can change the process.  There is still more to get … Continue reading

The more contractors or departments involved in a project, the more chances for variation and, often, more confusion.  There is always the opportunity for misalignment and miscommunication.   The larger the organization, the more opportunity for missing cues on priorities and direction.  For the process owner, the challenge is to align a team to drive progress … Continue reading

So you’ve been hit by the economic crisis, eh?  Demand has softened up a bit, sales are uncertain.  You’re wondering what you’re going to to do with all that extra capacity.  You don’t want to lay anyone off, but if sales don’t pick up, you can’t stay solvent.  Here are some things you can do … Continue reading

A parable is a short story that conveys a profound truth.  A friend of mine, Clarke Ching, wrote this compact business book that contains a GREAT idea.  Spend 20 minutes reading it.  You’ll be glad you did. Rocks Into Gold – Helping Programmers THRIVE through the Credit Crunch – by Clarke Ching View more presentations … Continue reading

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