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Amplify Your Team’s Productivity with Visual Project Management

Basic Collaboration Case Study Video

“What’s the status of the work? Are we moving forward? Are my team members working on right things?” “We’re DOOMED!” If you’re like most project managers, these questions are familiar. In fact, they probably sound like the questions going through your head every night when you’re trying to fall asleep; the ones without answers. You’re not alone. In fact, a staggering 39% of IT projects with budgets over $10 million fail. They’re not just delayed, overrun or overdue… they fail. Other research shows that at least 30% of all projects are late. Project execution can and should be a methodical, repeatable, reliable process characterized by productive teams, clear expectations and attainable completion dates, NOT a cloud of gloom and despair. ViewPoint and the Project Execution Maturity Model take most of the risk out of project execution, making projects a rewarding experience, not something to dread. In my book, Visual Project Management: Simplifying Project Execution to Deliver On Time and On Budget, I explain the processes of Basic Collaboration as the foundation for successful project delivery. Just achieving this, the most basic level of execution maturity increases productivity in very short order. In this video case study, you’ll hear, in their words, how in less than 6 months BP and WorleyParsons were able to increase engineering productivity by 12%, decrease project durations by 28%, quintupling their investment in ViewPoint.  

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