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We did a very successful Theory of Constraints Implementation a while back, that incorporated a wide variety of approaches. 

  • Critical Chain Project Management
  • Process Reengineering
  • Supply Chain Management

The results were great.  So we made a presentation telling our story.  Here it is on slide share.
FMC Critical Chain Project Management Implementation

The Article is can be found on the website by clicking on the link below
Pit Crews cut final assembly time in half, giving FMC Technologies “The Racer’s Edge.”

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On April 29, 8am-9:30am PST, I’ll be presenting a webinar on Critical Chain Project Management. This event is sponsored by the Theory of Constraints Certification Organization (TOCICO).

This one hour presentation (with a half hour for questions) by me, Mark Woeppel, will present the core concepts of the CCPM method as it applies to three main areas of projects: execution, planning & project portfolio management.

You’ll learn:

  • The main reason most projects fail deliver on their promises of on time delivery, budget & scope.
  • The core ideas behind CCPM
  • Why CCPM delivers real results
  • A strategy to improve your project performance

Free for TOCICO Members
Non-Members $40
All proceeds go to TOCICO

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You may already know this, but a CCPM implementation is not much to fear.  Think of it this way: “CCPM is a disciplined approach to managing the work we already do.”  The reality is, that the work of your firm does not change.

CCPM is simply addition and subtraction.

You’re adding some new behaviors:

  • Planning with different task estimates
  • A slightly different approach to planning your projects (moving the buffer)
  • Focusing execution effort on buffer penetration, instead of the telephone

You’re stopping others:

  • Multi-tasking
  • Expediting
  • Planning without considering resource capacity

It seems more daunting than it really is.  The risk of failure is very low.  Even if you do a little or partial implementation, you get results.

The most significant thing in these implementations is not the technology, but managing the change; dealing with changing behavior in the face of an uncertain (in the minds of your team, anyway) outcome.

The technology is well understood, you can use a simple tool like CCPM+ to get moving and make the move to a more robust software solution later.

The culture change for your business is moving to one where managers quickly respond to problems that may occur.  It’s primarily a leadership challenge, rather than a technical one.  So if you feel you have a handle on this, you can implement quite easily.  If not, that’s the biggest battle you’ll fight.

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