Supply Chain Management

Reconsider Your Rules on Materials and Suppliers

In my previous post about checking your assumptions, I talked about the rules and requirements about your process.  The supply chain is no different.  After all, rules are made, boundary conditions established around how you deal with your suppliers.  Therefore, you should also look at your supply chain policies to find possibilities to increase output – …

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Make the Invisible Visible – Look for “The Drum”

What is the first thing to do to increase output when you need more, yesterday? Often, when output needs to increase, we learn that this heightened sense of urgency creates rushed decisions and frantic behavior.  This leads to the obvious and time-tested band-ads: adding another shift, throwing overtime at the problem or buying another machine.  As …

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Pinnacle Strategies Teams With SAS to Deliver Breakthrough Business Process Improvement and Value

Pinnacle Strategies, a leading provider of services that increase shareholder value by improving project management, business excellence, and supply chain operations, announced today that it has entered into an agreement with SAS, the world’s leader in business analytics software and solutions, to deliver enhanced business intelligence and analytics to customers.

How to Build a Reliable Delivery Process

Despite the advances in information technology and systems, most plants manage the process of prioritizing and managing the production of customer orders as if it were an art, approaching the task as a craftsman would, rather than treating order fulfillment systemically, using a robust process to manage and control production.

Pit Crews cut final assembly time in half, giving FMC Technologies “The Racer’s Edge.”

We did a very successful Theory of Constraints Implementation a while back, that incorporated a wide variety of approaches.

Critical Chain Project Management
Process Reengineering
Supply Chain Management

The results were great. So we made a presentation telling our story. Here it is on slide share.

Theory of Constraints Supply Chain Management

With all these smart people working on supply chain management initiatives, why are there so few examples of real successful SCM improvements? Why, if management spends millions of dollars on supply chain management technology, aren’t we seeing breakthrough improvements in supply chain efficiency? The key to improve supply chain performance is to treat the supply chain as a system, where efficiency is a by-product of system performance, not a precursor to system performance.

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