Month: June 2013

Blind Spot 3: Put the Whip to WIP

The sooner you start, the sooner you finish, right? Perhaps you remember the tale of the tortoise and the hare.  Sure, the hare is fast, but in the end, it’s the tortoise’s steady progress that wins the race.  In a project management sense, it’s not the speed of the individual project that matters; it’s the speed …

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Blind Spot 2 – Death by Meeting

Ugh.  Another project meeting.  We’ve all been there, annoyed when our reminder goes off (if you still use them!) reminding us of our 8th meeting of the day.  We’re annoyed because there are so many meetings and these meetings never seem to get anywhere.  The same stories, the same excuses.  Well, at the close of the …

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Blindsided! Conflicting Priorities in Projects

This week, I am starting new series of postings that showcase some of the most common blind spots to successful project execution.  I call these the blind spots because most managers are not even aware that these menaces are the true problem.  The symptoms are obvious, but the root problem is hidden.  The first cause is …

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Lesson 7 – Accelerate Communications

I’m continuing my series on the Achieving Top Performance: 7 lessons learned in a Disaster, an elaboration on the work we did during the Gulf oil spill.  This week covers the final lesson, communications.  In my last blog post, I wrote a little about the performance standards.  This post continues that discussion and I’ll get into …

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