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Living in the Past: How to Drive Your Project Team Forward

Do you feel like you and your project team have a good grasp of what’s coming towards you? Or are you the beneficiary of “surprises” and last minute problems that put your project in peril?

We find that the biggest problem that project teams face is that they are simply unable to clearly see where they are in the project and what they need to do to move ahead. Sometimes, running a project feels like running full speed into a dark room!

Watch the video below to learn how to drive your project team forward.

Living in the Past; How to Drive Your Project Team Forward from Pinnacle Strategies on Vimeo.

This video includes a couple examples of how you can make your projects visible and get your team focused on the future. For more, our Visualizing Projects eBook introduces visual project management, which reduces the number of meetings and improves the productivity of your entire team.

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