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A Proven Path to Project Success

Get More Done with Less Friction

Viewpoint Visual Project Management reduces time to completion and increases productivity as much as 20% – without software.

Principles for guiding delivery of your projects.

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Amplify Teamwork to Get Your Work Done Quickly

Visual Project Management: Simplifying Project Execution to Deliver On Time and On Budget is a groundbreaking addition to the project management body of knowledge. This work, based on extensive research and testing, is a practical project delivery practice guide, providing the principles and practices you need to deliver your projects on time within budget. 

Combining elements from the PMBOK®, Agile, Lean and the Theory of Constraints, Woeppel lays out a framework to speed the completion of any project while reducing risk and holding the line on budgets.

Along with explaining the ViewPoint project execution methodology, the book showcases many different case studies illustrating the application of visual project management principles. Written in a no-nonsense, straightforward way, this book is certain to be one of your most valued leadership development books.

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Mark Woeppel

Mark Woeppel is a management consultant working to improve operations performance in project management and processes. He frequently writes on the subject of execution performance, having written four books and many other publications. 

With extensive experience in oil & gas, consumer products, IT, many manufacturing industries, Mark is a highly sought after subject matter expert in eCommerce Branding, project management, operations management, performance management, and continuous improvement. 

Books Published

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Manufacturer's Guide to Implementing the Theory of Constraints

Manufacturer's Guide to Implementing the Theory of Constraints

Manufacturer's Guide to Implementing the Theory of Constraints

Projects in Less Time; A Synopsis of Critical Chain

Manufacturer's Guide to Implementing the Theory of Constraints

Racing Breakneck to the Bottleneck

Like the project manager, a coach needs the ability to implement plays that are appropriate to the fluidity of the situation, and to change those plays at a moment’s notice. This is what will help him and his team win the game.

Mark Woeppel
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