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Critical Chain Project Management Webinar

Critical Chain

Mark Woeppel - April 21, 2009

On April 29, 8am-9:30am PST, I’ll be presenting a webinar on Critical Chain Project Management. This event is sponsored by the Theory of Constraints Certification Organization (TOCICO).

This one hour presentation (with a half hour for questions) by me, Mark Woeppel, will present the core concepts of the CCPM method as it applies to three main areas of projects: execution, planning & project portfolio management.

You’ll learn:

  • The main reason most projects fail deliver on their promises of on time delivery, budget & scope.
  • The core ideas behind CCPM
  • Why CCPM delivers real results
  • A strategy to improve your project performance

Free for TOCICO Members
Non-Members $40
All proceeds go to TOCICO

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