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You don’t have to be a firefighter to deliver on time!

firefighterBreakthrough in scheduling simplifies managing a plant, while making it more responsive, improving on time delivery and throughput.

Imagine if…

  • Your plant ran on auto-pilot – people know what to do, and they do it!
  • Every resource is synchronized to your customer’s need
  • You deliver every order not only when you promised it, but sooner.
  • Your team is engaged in more fire prevention than fire fighting

Every order is delivered on time, in less time, with minimal management intervention.

The Maximum Flow System is a set of tools and processes to schedule and manage your order fulfillment efforts that involve planning, management, and ongoing improvement that results in:

  • 20% more throughput
  • 25% shorter lead times
  • 15% more sales
  • 20% more cash flow every month
  • Improved labor productivity of 15% or more

Despite the advances in information technology and systems, most plants manage the order fulfillment process of prioritizing and managing customer orders as if it were an art, using a craftsman approach, rather than treating order fulfillment as a system, requiring a process to manage and control. Rarely is the order fulfillment process treated as a process, with sequential steps and appropriate controls. Instead, order fulfillment is delegated to the resource owners (the plant) who have a bigger incentive to be “efficient” than deliver on time. As a result, the important task of customer satisfaction is an afterthought in process improvement. In the end, orders are thrown over the wall from sales to production, like hand grenades that might explode into a product that satisfies the customer.

The Maximum Flow System causes people to synchronize their day to day efforts towards the delivery requirements of the customer, which results in on time delivery of the customer’s order, with less effort and management intervention.

The Maximum Flow System Coaching Program

The Maximum Flow System Coaching Program will teach you not only what you need to do to improve performance, but the sequence of implementation steps and the obstacles to success.  Everything you need to consistently deliver on time while eliminating the firefighting and chaotic nature of the plant.  Enrolling the program will make you the beneficiary of the lessons I’ve learned in organizations from small to large, from simple to complex, from custom products to standard products, and more.

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