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ViewPoint Visual Project Management Solution Design Workshop

Group at table with visual project board in the background

Get ready for three transformative and knowledge-packed days that will revolutionize your execution team’s approach to project delivery. We are here to empower you to reach new heights of efficiency and speed, starting from day one.

During this immersive experience, we will craft a tailored solution that seamlessly aligns with your existing processes, ensuring immediate and tangible success. Our focus extends beyond the technical aspects; we will also address the nuanced transition issues, both the tangible and intangible, so that you can witness the benefits right from the outset.

On the first day, prepare to delve into the fundamental strategies essential for accelerating project delivery and enhancing reliability. Gain a comprehensive overview of the ViewPoint Visual Project Management method and discover how to effectively implement it within your organization.

Days two and three are where the magic truly happens. You will actively apply these concepts and principles as you design your very own ViewPoint visual project management system. Unleash your creativity and shape a bespoke Visual Project Board that fosters seamless collaboration and facilitates efficient decision-making.

Get ready to embark on this transformative journey, where you will not only gain invaluable insights but also acquire the practical tools and knowledge needed to propel your projects to new heights. Prepare to witness firsthand the remarkable impact of ViewPoint in action.

Let Us Be Your Guide

Embark on an extraordinary journey as we bring the transformative power of our intensive workshop directly to your doorstep. Our team will travel to your location, immersing you and your team in an unparalleled learning experience. Brace yourself for the remarkable outcomes that will empower you, or your esteemed senior team members, to seamlessly implement ViewPoint with minimal external assistance.

This workshop is not just another event. It is an immersive dive into the depths of knowledge and practical insights, carefully crafted to equip you with the tools and understanding needed to conquer any implementation challenges that may arise. The outcomes will surpass your expectations, providing you with a comprehensive roadmap that ensures a smooth transition to ViewPoint.

Prepare to witness the remarkable transformation unfold before your eyes as our workshop instills the confidence and expertise necessary to take control of your project management destiny. The power is in your hands.

A person updating Visual Project board

Comprehensive and Practical

Prepare to have the three most crucial questions about Visual Project Management answered through our transformative ViewPoint Solution Design Workshop:

1. What will be the ultimate state of your execution process? Discover how to expertly design, resource, and manage your project delivery process, ensuring optimal efficiency and success.

2. How will you embark on this transformative journey? Uncover the ideal structure for your change initiative, empowering you to navigate the implementation process with confidence and precision.

3. What financial impact can you expect? Gain invaluable insights into the cash flow dynamics and payback time associated with embracing Visual Project Management, unlocking a clear understanding of the financial benefits that await.

But that’s not all. Our workshop goes beyond providing answers. It serves as a catalyst to align your execution team, fostering genuine buy-in and enthusiasm for this crucial initiative. By actively involving your team in the process, we ignite a spark of excitement within them, ensuring their unwavering commitment to executing a plan they have personally helped shape.

Get ready to witness the power of alignment and the magic of collective ownership as your team becomes energized and united in pursuit of a common goal. With their passion and expertise fully harnessed, success becomes not just a possibility but an inevitable reality. Embrace this extraordinary opportunity to revolutionize your organization from within.

Day One: Visualize Your Project Process

The objective on the first day is to get the team to understand the elements they need to be successful and agree on the goals for the initiative. These are the cornerstones of your ideal project delivery process. We’ll peel away the layers and challenge every preconceived notion you have about delivering projects.

This will lead to some serious thinking, some strenuous debate, and preparing steaks from your sacred cows! You will challenge every preconceived notion you have about delivering projects. In the end, you’ll have the basic components of your process; with greater clarity, efficiency and far more effectivity than you ever imagined possible.

Discover why projects are rarely on time and on budget

Learn what is needed to deliver projects successfully

Understand the processes and behaviors to deliver consistent execution results using the Project Execution Maturity Model

Explore how to visualize projects and build team collaboration using a Visual Project Board

Day Two: Laboratory

Project Management Solution Design Workshop

On day two, the focus is on execution, applying the principles learned on the first day to your environment; how to transition to this end-state as rapidly as possible, without disrupting your business along the way. Armed with the knowledge you gained on day one, you’ll design your ideal project delivery process for your organization.

You and your team will work out the practicalities of making the change. Your team will map out what activities and accountabilities are needed to move from where you are now to your vision state.

You’ll also look at the required process management metrics and governance roles.

And finally, you will consider how to best integrate all these new processes with your existing sales, engineering, production, fulfillment and delivery operations.

Day 3: Building your Visual Project Execution System

Prepare for an exhilarating climax on day three, as we collaborate with your exceptional team to construct your inaugural Visual Project Board (VPB). This pivotal moment will mark the beginning of a new era, propelling your initiative forward with unrivaled momentum.

With our expert guidance, you will witness the transformation of your ideas into a tangible and dynamic VPB. This powerful visual tool will become the beating heart of your delivery process, igniting collaboration and driving progress like never before. Brace yourself for the electrifying experience of the first collaboration session, where the VPB will serve as the catalyst that propels your team towards unprecedented achievements.

Day three will etch itself into your organizational history as the day your initiative truly takes flight. Be prepared to witness the unleashed potential, as your team harnesses the VPB’s transformative power to soar to new heights of productivity, efficiency, and innovation. The future is within reach, and it all begins with the creation of your first VPB.

Building your Visual Project Execution System

Implementation Roadmap

Mark will summarize the outcomes and conclusions from the Solution Design Workshop, and deliver them back to the executive team in a professional presentation of findings. The document that will be shared with you is both comprehensive and practical, providing guidance on how to effectively implement ViewPoint Visual Project Management within your organization. The plan will outline the necessary steps required to achieve your ideal project delivery process, including a workflow diagram (if possible) that depicts each step of the process. Additionally, the plan will provide a revised organization plan (if needed) that will support governing your projects, delivering them, and making continual improvements along the way. We trust that this plan will be a helpful tool as you move forward with implementing ViewPoint Visual Project Management into your organization.

Build on What You Know

In a transition of this magnitude there will always be uncertainty. What happens when a bottleneck crops up? Can the team handle the change? Will the team respond as expected? And so on.

Introducing our revolutionary evolutionary approach to implementation, meticulously crafted to build upon your existing practices. With each step, your team will gain mastery over every element, ensuring a swift yet confident progression. Success will become your constant companion, paving the way for a remarkable series of victories. Embrace the challenge, conquer the unknown, and triumph at every turn.

You Don't Need a Workshop

Discover the remarkable impact of our Solution Design Workshop, as echoed by our delighted customers. Brace yourself for groundbreaking transformations within your organization’s delivery process – for that is precisely what we strive to achieve.

While it’s true that implementing ViewPoint in your organization doesn’t necessarily require a Solution Design Workshop, if time is of the essence and you crave accelerated results with reduced risks, then opting for our workshop is the logical choice. Prepare to unlock your organization’s potential at lightning speed.

What people are saying about ViewPoint Visual Project Management

“When teams from different disciplines come in and see the same thing on the Visual Portfolio Board, you understand immediately what needs to be done. I think that is a big, big advantage.”

– Vice President and Project Director

“The benefits were immediate. Our team recognized key bottlenecks and started removing them. As a result, more projects are getting moved into a `ready´ status, faster.”

– Project Engineering Team Lead

“When we come to meetings at the Board, typically we spend about 10 minutes, if not less. Morale is way up.”

– Project Manager

“The value opportunity for us is in the $10M+ a year from gaining additional efficiency and throughput.”

-Group Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Solution Design Workshop cost?

The investment in your Solution Design Workshop is only $16,500 (excluding Mark’s and the accompanying consultants’ travel and living expenses). This investment covers the three-day workshop, a comprehensive outcomes document and a formal presentation-of-findings meeting.

However, here’s where it gets truly exciting. If you’re ready to embrace our Managed VPE service prior to the Solution Design Workshop, we have an extraordinary offer for you. We’ll seamlessly integrate the workshop into month one of your MVPE engagement, effectively making the workshop FREE.

What’s more, at the end of month two, after experiencing the transformative impact of Visual Project Management, you have the freedom to go on your own. No penalties, no strings attached. 

For many organizations, this is an appealing option because it benefits the company either way.

This enticing option has garnered immense appeal among organizations, as it ensures benefits regardless of your decision. Opt for Managed VPE, and not only do you save a whopping $16,500, but you also save valuable time. Should you decide not to proceed with Managed VPE, you still gain access to the Solution Design Workshop at a reduced cost of $14,500 (our standard monthly fee for Managed VPE), saving an additional $2,000.

To ensure a seamless process, we kindly request full payment at the time of booking.

What are the deliverables of the Solution Design Workshop?

We are excited to share with you our tailored deliverables for the workshop:

  • You will gain a crystal-clear understanding of your current delivery process, and discover what’s working and what areas need improvement
  • We will present a thorough conceptual model of the desired future state, giving you a clear picture of where you’re headed
  • You will receive a practical future state model, including resourcing, process design, technology, measurements and more
  • Our team will provide you with an actionable implementation plan, to effectively transition your organization to its future state
  • A comprehensive document, which summarizes our conclusions and includes helpful diagrams, will be shared with you
  • You have the option to include a formal presentation of our findings to your management team
  • A visual project or portfolio board will be provided to keep your team organized and on track<
  • We are committed to your success and will provide four personal coaching calls after the workshop to support your team


In creating the above, we consider the following:

  1. Organizational strategy (how this initiative fits with your overall objectives)
  2. Project planning (how you create new projects / orders)
  3. Progress-management (how and who manages the progress of your work)
  4. Communication and Collaboration (what gets communicated, when, how problems get resolved)
  5. The integration of the processes above with rest of your work
  6. Staffing / Organization requirements (roles and accountabilities)
  7. Process management, governance, and metrics (how do you synchronize activities within — and between — processes?)
  8. Change-management issues

Who will facilitate the Solution Design Workshop?

The Solution Design Workshop will be facilitated by Mark Woeppel.  He will be accompanied by your Engagement Lead, who is an MVPE Consultant.

Mark is responsible for the development of ViewPoint  approach to project delivery. He is also an expert in the Theory of Constraints. He’s the author of Visual Project Management and many other books and articles on process improvement.

Mark presents ViewPoint to many executives at conferences each year and spends most of his remaining time consulting on its implementation.

He has led transformation projects in North America, Asia, South America and Europe, with organizations ranging in size from the Fortune 50 to countless small and medium enterprises.

Who should attend the Solution Design Workshop?

We recommend:

  • The group size be no greater than 18 people
  • It includes your senior leaders accountable for delivery – the “architects” of your business processes
  • If the firm has advisors with an interest in delivery (operations), they should be present

What will happen as a result of the workshop?

We are excited to offer you our Solution Design Workshop, which is designed to provide immense value for your business. Our team has carefully prepared this workshop with all the necessary knowledge and tools to help you improve your project delivery process and performance.

As a result, you can expect to gain:

  • Expert insights into the root causes of poor performance
  • A comprehensive diagnostic of your delivery process and issues
  • A clear roadmap with concrete actions and a timeline to improve your delivery performance
  • Team consensus on the root cause of your issues and a clear direction towards a solution that will improve several aspects of project delivery
  • A ready-made solution to put into practice immediately with personalized coaching to ensure its success

We are confident that our workshop will exceed your expectations and provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge to improve your business’s performance.

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