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The Secret Weapon for Successful Project Delivery

Complex projects have complex problems. Problems so complex that to an insider, those closest to the project, they seem impossible to fix.

Picture this:

Your project has one goal: Build a mountain. Now, think of your project as two tectonic plates: one is called Planning, one is called Results. You are standing right in the middle, trying to push the two together to create the mountain, but unfortunately, as a result of forces beyond your control: nature, the plates are shifting further and further apart.

Your mountain is becoming a valley, and you’ve fallen right in. You’re trapped in the valley and can’t find a way out.

Unfortunately, once the valley has formed, there’s no going back, but there is help, and you can fix it.

The Secret to Fixing your Projects

If you’re a follower of my blog, you know I talk a lot about Project Execution Maturity, and how skillful and successful execution comes from a series of deliberate and repeatable processes. Successful project execution is not by chance.

We created our Project Execution Maturity Assessment to provide a way for project managers to not only identify the weaknesses of their project delivery processes, but provide them with an actionable path forward to fixing them by placing them on the ViewPoint Project Execution Maturity Model, pictured below. Essentially, it’s a way to remove yourself from the valley and build a bridge between planning and results.

The first assessment is a quick and simple diagnostic to help you measure the health of your current process that drive on time delivery and productivity. This assessment only takes about 10 minutes, but it’s a great start to help you to identify your gaps, and outline a path to improvement.

The second assessment is a comprehensive and customized evaluation of your processes. It’s a great way for organizations to achieve maximum clarity on their business processes and develop a consensus plan for moving forward.

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