Is There a Standard to Project Execution? The Project Execution Maturity Model

What do managers do when their project teams are unsuccessful? You probably do what most managers do and send them for project management skills training. There is some evidence that shows more skills equates to better performance.

But this relationship between training and project performance is really just a correlation. Yes, training equips your team with valuable knowledge and fires up your team for success, but having a trained project team does not guarantee a successful project. We know this because after years and years, and millions and millions of dollars, we still have less than stellar results.

Watch this video below and learn what you need to build a foundation to consistently deliver projects on time, on budget, and in scope.

The Project Execution Maturity Model from Pinnacle Strategies on Vimeo.

Learn more about how to improve project execution by reading some of our ebooks and watching more of our videos. In particular, our ebook Visualizing Projects introduces visual project management which reduces the number of meetings and makes them suck less and pushes the team forward.

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