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Best Project Management Blogs for 2015

project management

Mark Woeppel - May 22, 2015

Project Management is a notoriously difficult world to navigate. Often, it’s characterized by delays, poor communication, overrun costs, missed deadlines and incomplete work. In fact, studies have proven that at least 30% of all projects are finished late or off schedule. To put it simply, the project world can be a dark and scary place for the untrained and unprepared manager.

Luckily, there’s a wealth of information available online, for free, that project managers can turn to when their project needs a quick pick me up. I’ve compiled a list of the most influential project management blogs for 2015. These blogs run the gamut from the way computerization affects project management, to the benefits of incorporating Taoist philosophies to achieve better results in projects, and at least one of them is sure to be just the thing to give your project the boost it needs.

The Business Impact of IT

Who writes it? Andrew McAfee @amcafee

What’s it about? Andrew focuses on the big picture ideas on how IT affects the way that companies function, from overall performance and organizational structure, to communication and competition. His work involves the role technology has on society, the workforce and the economy as a whole.
Where can I find it? http://andrewmcafee.org/blog/
Why should I read? If you’re interested in the way computerization and technology can transform your project management, this is the blog for you. McAfee discusses the impact of IT on businesses as a whole, on a wide scale, by combining relevant, timely examples and data to drive his points home.


Deep Fried Brain: PM Certification Exam Prep Blog

Who writes it? Harwinder Singh  @deepfriedbrain

What’s it about? Harwinder created this blog as a resource for project managers to use when acquiring their PM certifications. It’s a great resource to utilize when training or studying for your tests.

Where can I find it? http://www.deepfriedbrainproject.com/

Why should I read? Definitely check this blog out if you’re enrolled in a course, scheduled for a test or training to become a PMP, BUT it’s also an excellence refresher for those project managers who aren’t taking a course at the moment. The blog is a great place to come to be reminded of best practices and solutions in between continuing education ventures.

How to Manage a Camel

Who writes it? Arras People, a UK Based firm for recruiting project management talent  @ArrasPeople

What’s it about? This is about the career of project management.

Where can I find it? http://www.arraspeople.co.uk/camel-blog/

Why should I read? Check this blog out if you’re looking to find career tips, marketplace information, and a wide variety of tips and hacks to make your job easier and maybe boost your career.

Fear No Project

Who writes it? Bruce McGraw  @FearNoProject

What’s it about? In this blog, Bruce shares his thoughts, experience, tips and tricks on some of the broader issues affecting project managers.

Where can I find it? http://fearnoproject.com/

Why should I read? Bruce’s blog is full of musings on project management and issues in the project space, from managing people, to leveraging technology, to general best practices and issues project managers face on a day to day basis. This is an excellent resource for current information about improving organizational performance, and events affecting the project world.


Guerrilla Project Management

Who writes it? Samad Aidane  @samadaidane

What’s it about? The most effective project management strategies and techniques for leaders in the Project Management, Organizational Change Management, Psychology, Social Science, and Neuroscience spaces.

Where can I find it? http://www.guerrillaprojectmanagement.com/

Why should I read? This blog covers everything from management techniques, to best practices, to case studies to risk management and leadership. You won’t just find your traditional tips and tricks here, but proven and tested methods and stories from the field. With a slogan like “Liberating project management from the tyranny of conventional wisdom,” would you expect anything less?


A Girl’s Guide to Project Management

Who writes it? Elizabeth Harrin  @pm4girls

What’s it about? Elizabeth started this blog in 2007 to provide a female perspective in the male dominated project world. In the blog, she provides news, insights, opinions and coverage of the project management space to help project managers communicate better.

Where can I find it? http://www.pm4girls.elizabeth-harrin.com/

Why should I read? Elizabeth updates her blog regularly, and is always on top of current events, changes in the field, and best practices to make you a better, more effective project manager. Whatever your sex, this blog is a must read to get a fresh prospective on your projects. She provides tips, tricks and techniques for improvement along the way. Fun, too!


Herding Cats

Who writes it? Glen Alleman @galleman

What’s it about? Glen’s blog aims to combine various project management methodologies and discusses how to create a project management practice that performs and executes better, increasing the probability of success.

Where can I find it? http://herdingcats.typepad.com/my_weblog/

Why should I read? If you’re someone seriously interested in a scientific approach to managing projects, this is a blog to read. Glen brings a scientific and mathematical mind to both the problems and the solutions. He writes on everything from organizational project management maturity, to decision analysis and estimating the strategic, mathematical probability for success.


The Lazy Project Manager

Who writes it? Peter Taylor  @thelazypm

What’s it about? Though not necessarily a blog, it’s about adopting a new mentality when it comes to project management. Instead of focusing on unimportant tasks that don’t propel your projects toward completion, this author encourages you to refine your focus to the important, task accelerating matters that really make a difference.

Where can I find it? http://www.thelazyprojectmanager.com/

Why should I read? If you want to minimize the amount of meaningless work, and start to focus your efforts on the essential tasks that bring about success, definitely visit this site and subscribe to the mailing list.


Leading Answers

Who writes it? Mike Griffiths

What’s it about? Mike’s blog focuses on Leadership and Agile Project Management Ideals, as well as his personal observations and insights into the project management world

Where can I find it? http://leadinganswers.typepad.com/

Why should I read? This blog is the place to go for challenging, interesting and engaging content on project management. Mark is excellent at taking his experience and finding the golden nuggets that are applicable to his readers. His writing style is funny, entertaining, smart and thoughtful. You’ll find lots of good information on Agile project management techniques here, as well as Mike’s thoughts on team building, risk, management and execution.


Wrike Project Management Blog

Who owns it? Wrike, A workflow management and collaboration software product  @wrike

What’s it about? This blog is all about improving team productivity. How to increase productivity to maximize profitability, and realistic solutions to the problems you face every day as a project manager.

Where can I find it? https://www.wrike.com/blog/project-management/

Why should I read? This blog is a great resource for project managers. Full of more than just blog posts on insights and best practices from the project management community, you’ll find templates and checklists to help you implement what you’ve read, so you can start making the changes that drive results in your projects. And, you might end up buying their product, too!


Quantum Leap

Who writes it? Shim Marom  @shim_marom

What’s it about? This blog is all about discussing the most current and pressing topics in the project management, especially Agile. He also writes about management best practices in general; topics such as HR and leadership.

Where can I find it? http://quantmleap.com/blog/

Why should I read? In Shim’s blog, you’ll find more than information and tips on general project management best practices. He attempts to take a more unorthodox perspective, drawing inspiration from other industries and specialties such as math and science, art and philosophy, to provide a more rounded view of the industry. The result is a truly fresh and unique look at project management that is beneficial to anyone looking for a project pick-me-up. Concise and thoughtful.


Stepping into PM

Who writes it? Soma Bhattacharya  @Soma_b

What’s it about? This blog is about Soma’s project management journey, and the agile project transformation method.

Where can I find it? http://www.steppingintopm.com/

Why should I read? Soma’s blog is very much a journal of experiences, as opposed to a blog about best practices and tips. It’s very honest, and written from a place of “this is what I did, here is why it worked” OR sometimes, “here is the way I did it, this is why it failed…” If you’re looking for something a little more personal, but still chock full of insight, advice and interviews with industry leaders, her blog is great.


Zen PM

Who writes it? Bob Tarne  @btarne

What’s it about? This blog aims to look at project management from a unique angle, including ideals and thinking that can be repurposed to gain a fresh perspective on project management.

Where can I find it? http://zen-pm.blogspot.com/

Why should I read? Much like Soma’s blog, Stepping into PM, this blog is written as Bob’s personal journal. He writes thoughtfully and insightfully about his observations and experiences in the project management space, and is great at sharing his knowledge, and allowing readers to learn with him from his experiences. This blog is a great place to go to gain a fresh perspective.


The Tao of Project Management

Who writes it? John Carrol

What’s it about? This blog is about how project management theories can be mapped into Taoist philosophy

Where can I find it? http://thetaoofpm.blogspot.com/

Why should I read? This blog originally began by providing a very Zen perspective, tying success in project management to greater Tao philosophies. It has since evolved into an informal journal with tips to success and advice on risk management, planning and execution, but its core is the same, so you’re interested in taking a more philosophic approach to your project management, this is a good blog to study.

That wraps up my list of the top project management blogs for 2015. Which of these are your favorites? Leave me a comment letting me know your thoughts, or if there’s any good blogs I may have missed, and feel free to share this list with other who will find it useful and interesting!


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