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Project Management Blogs; the Best of 2016

project management

mark woeppel - May 8, 2016

Project management success: everyone wants it, yet successful project completions are rare. For the project manager wanting to improve their skills, there is no shortage of problems to solve.

Fortunately, thanks to many experienced project managers, there’s plenty of excellent information available online, for free (!) that you can turn to when you need some relief.

I’ve compiled a new list of the most influential project management blogs. There are still some of my favorites from 2015, but I’ve also found some new voices. I like the variety of viewpoints and perspectives these authors bring. And of course, their willingness to share.

Last year, I named 13 of them, but this year, I’m only naming 9. These were chosen based on their Klout score and number of followers. This gave me a pretty good indication of which were the most influential. There are plenty of good blogs out there, but these are the cream of the crop. They’re not posted in any specific order, so @rvvargas, don’t get all puffed up because you’re first.

Ricardo Vargas; Seeing what’s ahead.

  • Who writes it? Ricardo Vargas, PMP @rvvargas
  • What’s it about? Ricardo hosts a podcast, videos and many articles on the technical aspects of project management.
  • Where can I find it? http://www.ricardo-vargas.com/
  • Why should I read? Ricardo has very deep expertise in portfolio and risk management. Author of 14 books and practical experience in projects as well. You’ll find plenty of good info on the PMBOK.

Salinero Pampliega

  • What’s it about? Carlos, an Architect in Madrid, writes on varying topics, comprehensive, providing a practical mix of technical and non-technical topics.
  • Where can I find it? http://salineropampliega.com/blog
  • Why should I read? Check this blog for some of the big picture topics on project management. Plenty of useful information on the basics, too. If you don’t speak Spanish, use the Google Translate app in your Chrome browser.

Susanne Madsen

  • Who writes it? Susanne Madsen, of course! She is an author, coach, trainer, and consultant. @susannemadsen
  • What’s it about? Susanne emphasizes the leadership, communication, and soft issues of project management, rather than the technical aspects.
  • Where can I find it? http://www.susannemadsen.com/
  • Why should I read? Project success is as much about people as it is about process. She’s done a lot of work on leadership; learn from a master.

How to Manage a Camel

  • Who writes it? Lindsay Scott, Director of a UK Based firm for recruiting project management talent @projectmgmt
  • What’s it about? She writes about the career of project management.
  • Where can I find it? http://www.arraspeople.co.uk/camel-blog/
  • Why should I read? Check this blog out if you’re looking to find career tips, marketplace information, and a wide variety of tips and hacks to make your job easier and maybe boost your career.

LeanKanban Services

  • Who writes it? David Anderson, author of the the Kanban method of project management @lki_dja
  • What’s it about? The Kanban method! Primarily directed towards software development, there is plenty on workflows, and agile, too.
  • Where can I find it? http://services.leankanban.com/
  • Why should I read? I’m a big fan of Kanban and of David’s work. He is THE authority on Kanban. If you want to go faster in your projects, you’ll find plenty of useful information, both theoretical and practical. An alternative voice in the PM world.

A Girl’s Guide to Project Management

  • Who writes it? Elizabeth Harrin  @pm4girls
  • What’s it about? Elizabeth started this blog in 2007 to provide a female perspective in the male dominated project world. In the blog, she provides news, insights, opinions and coverage of the project management space to help project managers communicate better.
  • Where can I find it? http://www.pm4girls.elizabeth-harrin.com/
  • Why should I read? Elizabeth is always on top of current events, changes in the field, and best practices to make you a better, more effective project manager. Whatever your sex, this blog is a must read to get a fresh prospective on your projects. She provides tips, tricks and techniques for improvement along the way. Fun, too!

Herding Cats

  • What’s it about? Glen’s blog aims to combine various project management methodologies and discusses how to create a project management practice that performs and executes better, increasing the probability of success.
  • Where can I find it? http://herdingcats.typepad.com/my_weblog/
  • Why should I read? If you’re someone seriously interested in a scientific approach to managing projects, this is a blog to read. Glen brings a scientific and mathematical mind to both the problems and the solutions. He writes on everything from organizational project management maturity, to decision analysis and estimating the strategic, mathematical probability for success. This is probably my favorite blog for content rich, meaty topics. But, I’m a bit of a geek in that regard.

The Lazy Project Manager

  • What’s it about? Peter writes about adopting a new mentality when it comes to project management. Instead of focusing on unimportant tasks that don’t propel your projects toward completion, he encourages you to refine your focus to the important, task accelerating matters that really make a difference.
  • Where can I find it? https://thelazyprojectmanager.wordpress.com/
  • Why should I read? If you want a view outside of PMI-speak, and minimize the amount of meaningless work, to focus your efforts on the essential tasks that bring about success, definitely visit this blog and subscribe.


  • Who owns it? Wrike, A workflow management and collaboration software product @wrike
  • What’s it about? This blog is all about improving team productivity. How to increase productivity to maximize profitability, and realistic solutions to the problems you face every day as a project manager.
  • Where can I find it? https://www.wrike.com/blog/project-management/
  • Why should I read? Full of more than just blog posts on insights and best practices from the project management community, you’ll find templates and checklists to help you implement what you’ve read, so you can start making the changes that drive results in your projects. And, you might end up buying their product, too!


That wraps up my list of the top project management blogs for 2016. Which of these are your favorites? Leave me a comment letting me know your thoughts, or if there’s any good blogs I may have missed, and feel free to share this list with others who will find it useful and interesting!

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